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Adam Robinson - Founder GetEmails

Adam Robinson - Founder GetEmails

November 1, 2019


For most people, Email-Based Retargeting is a completely new concept in Email Marketing.  This post is all about best practices for Email-Based Retargeting and how to be successful with GetEmails. 

We know from conversations with our customers that people love the idea, but many are left wondering what to do once the emails start to arrive. 

Welcome series1. Don’t just start blasting them; start with an offer welcome series 

A long-standing best practice in Email Marketing is to send a welcome sequence immediately after someone signs up for your newsletter.

These emails always have ultra-high open rates, and it gives you an opportunity to tell the subscriber about how your brand is different, provide free value to build trust and move the subscriber down the funnel, and make compelling offers for them to come back to your website and become customers.

The GetEmails customers who have seen the most success with Email-Based Retargeting have all started with an offer welcome series.

Most of them have simply added the GetEmails addresses into their existing welcome series, but you can get as sophisticated and targeted as you’d like, since we also give you the landing page that the visitor landed on.

For tips on how to create a successful welcome series, check out this post from Litmus here.

For examples of killer welcome emails (but just the first email), check this post out from Vero.

Don't wait2. Don’t wait: Send a welcome series NOW

These emails are effectively cold traffic. 

There is a good chance they knew they were on your webpage. 

If they did, and you send them a welcome series quickly, there is a much better chance that they will recognize your company and brand than if you wait.

If they don’t recognize it, there is a good chance they’ll mark it as SPAM, which is bad for everybody.

If you’re looking for the highest ROI, only put the code on your high-intent pages

As we have mentioned in other posts, Email-Based Retargeting (EBR) moved Email Marketing up the funnel.

Email used to be a channel to nurture subscribers who showed high intent by opting into a form, or by purchasing a product from you.

EBR leads are effectively cold traffic, so you can’t expect them to convert as quickly as the rest of your list. You need to give Email-Based Retargeting time to work. You need to build trust with the contacts.

There are two types of Email-Based Retargeting users.

  1. One type is a publisher, who uses EBR to grow their email list and fight list attrition. This user is looking for as many Email-Based Retargeting leads as possible.
  2. The other type of EBR user is an e-commerce business, who needs to see a financial return from Email-Based Retargeting.

 For e-commerce, we recommend two things to ensure your success:

  1. Start with GetEmails code only on high-intent pages (specifically, do NOT put the code on your home page)
  2. Give Email-Based Retargeting 60 days to work its magic before you evaluate the success of the campaign

If you do these two things, you should see a lower customer acquisition cost than social media channels.

You will be able to grow your business without changing much other than adding more email addresses to your funnel. 

Give Email-Based Retargeting3. Give Email-Based Retargeting at least 60 days to work

I know I just mentioned that you need to give Email-Based Retargeting time to work, but it’s so important that I want to say it again.

These emails are cold traffic to your website, and they bounced for a reason.

It’s MUCH higher-up-the-funnel traffic than any emails currently in your database.

Give Email-Based Retargeting at least 60, if not 90 days before you evaluate if it’s economic for you.

Lead with as much value as you possibly can.

The burden is on you to build trust with these contacts, and since you can email them until they opt-out after paying for the contact once, there is no reason not to give tons of free value to try to build trust before you try to sell them anything.

EBR is so new that we’re all still learning from one another.

We’d love to know other ways you’ve found to be successful with GetEmails. If you’re using it, feel free to tell us in the comments!

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