What is Email-Based Retargeting?

What is Email-Based Retargeting?

Adam Robinson - Founder GetEmails

Adam Robinson - Founder GetEmails

October 21, 2019


Listen to me and Helen talk about Email-Based Retargeting:

The Complete Guide to Email-Based Retargeting

At GetEmails, we define Email-Based Retargeting as the following: 

Email-Based Retargeting uses identification technology – usually cookies or cross-device ID – to identify anonymous website visitors. 

Those visitors are matched to a partner network database of contact records (with opt-ins), and the end user is sent email addresses of people who are not already on their list.

Email-Based RetargetingThe last part of the definition – “… of people who are not already on your list” is what separates Email-Based Retargeting from all technology before it, such as Cart Abandonment, Category Abandonment, and Behaviorally Triggered Email. 

With Email-Based Retargeting (unlike display retargeting), the end user pays once and owns the contact record forever. As long as there is an opt-out link in the email, the end-user can email that contact record for as long as they wish.

Email-Based Retargeting is a new, incremental acquisition channel. 

EBR works behind the scenes. Most businesses can easily add EBR to the Email and Direct Mail Marketing that you are currently doing to grow customer acquisition.

FAQsHere are the answers to the 10 questions we get asked the most:

  1. Q: Is GetEmails/Email-Based Retargeting legal? 
    A: Yes, in the USA. Not only is it legal, it’s aligned with Spamhaus’ best practices. Read more about that here.
  2. Q: Does the technology work outside the US?
    A: No, it does not. There are only US email addresses in our database.
  3. Q: How is this different than BounceX?
    A: BounceX sends more real-time emails to people on your list. Email-Based Retargeting sends you customer records of prospects, once a day, who are not yet on your list.
  4. Q: How should I initially engage with these prospects?
    A: A fairly simple welcome series (3-5 emails) is necessary to warm them up to your brand. Tell your story and be as human as possible. If you are an eCommerce brand, offer a store-wide discount. After the warm-up process, add them to your standard newsletter flow. We give you the landing page the prospect landed on, so you can be as sophisticated as you’d like.
  5. Q: How long does it usually take people to convert these emails into customers?
    A: These prospects are much higher up the sales funnel than the rest of your email list, who either opted-in or purchased something. It’s going to take more time to warm them up to your brand and convert them. It’s different for every company, but we encourage people to evaluate Email-Based Retargeting over a 45-60 day period.
  6. Q: What is the approximate customer acquisition cost from the Email-Based Retargeting channel?
    This varies dramatically from business to business. However, generically our eCommerce customers report around a $20-25 CAC from Email-Based Retargeting, in line with their CAC from social.
  7. Q: How much does Email-Based Retargeting cost?
    A: GetEmails has plans starting at $19, which is around $25c per contact.
  8. Q: Do I have to pay for emails already on my list?
    A: No, you do not. You can upload a suppression list. We will do this automatically with your ESP integration.
  9. Q: What percentage of my traffic will you be able to identify through Email-Based Retargeting? How many emails will I get each day?
    A: We generally identify around 35% of all US-based traffic. We match a large percentage of that to our database, but it varies greatly by business.
  10. Q: What ESP’s do you integrate with?
    A: We are building out integrations to all major ESPs, and Zapier and Segment. If you don’t see your ESP here, shoot us a note at support [at] getemails [dot] com.


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