How to get Executive Buy-In for Email-Based Retargeting?

How to get Executive Buy-In for Email-Based Retargeting?

Adam Robinson - Founder GetEmails

Adam Robinson - Founder GetEmails

November 22, 2019


Email-Based Retargeting is a new category and a new channel. You’re definitely going to have to get the whole C-Suite on board, so we made this guide about how you should explain Email-Based Retargeting to your CEO. 

1. It’s a new channel.

Email-Based Retargeting is a method of acquiring email addresses and postal records from anonymous website visitors who are not on your list yet, then marketing to them in a CAN-SPAM compliant way. 

We identify up to 35% of traffic that bounces from your website without filling out a form, and connects that traffic to real profiles of real people.

We use identification technology that’s similar to BounceX, but the key difference is that we’re handing you NEW prospects who are NOT already on your email list.

Email-Based Retargeting bridges what we call the “Identity Gap.”

The Identity Gap is the gap between identification technology like Clearbit Reveal (which identifies IP addresses and connects them to companies that have visited your website), and data enrichment technology like Clearbit Enrich (which tells you company and social profile information when given a list of email addresses).

2. It’s legal in the USA, but not anywhere else.

There are two key points here. 

  1. The first point is that in the USA (but not anywhere else), Email Marketing is actually opt-out, rather than opt-in. Read more about that here. We actually comply with opt-in best practices set by Spamhaus.
  2. We give you profiles of real people that we have identified who have opted-in to a partner network of websites whose opt-in language and privacy policies explicitly say that the data will be shared with related and unrelated entities, and upon filling out the form, the user agrees to receive marketing from those parties, email and otherwise. 

Read more about how Email-Based Retargeting is legal here.

Email-Based Retargeting is NOT GDPR COMPLIANT.

3. It’s probably economic for your business.

We are seeing e-commerce customers, on average, acquire customers in the $15-25 range, which is cost equivalent to what we are seeing through Facebook.

This isn’t true for all eCommerce businesses, but it’s true for most of the businesses we’ve observed.

To lower risk and substantially raise the odds of it being economic, only put GetEmails code on your high-intent pages. 

4. Email-Based Retargeting raises Email Marketing higher up the funnel.

Before Email-Based Retargeting, Email Marketing was a down-the-funnel channel. 

Website traffic shows intent either by opting-in via your website or by purchasing something from you. 

Either way, that’s very high-intent traffic. 

Email-Based Retargeting records show far less intent. They don’t even touch a form before they bounce from your website. 

You will have to treat these leads different from your normal email list, and evaluate conversions and CAC efficiency on a longer horizon.

We recommend implementing a five-part warm-up series with storewide coupons attached, then adding these leads to your main Email Marketing list. 

We recommend evaluating EBR over 60 to 90 days, and we’ve structured our contracts with a 3-month out if it’s not working for you.

If you need help converting, we can connect you with agencies that are pros at EBR.

5. It’s inexpensive, and you own the record forever.

Compared to other sources of email addresses, our 25¢ starting price is very competitive (and much lower at significant scale). 

So long as you have an opt-out link on the email you’re sending, you can email these people as much as you’d like until they opt out.

6. It’s easy to set up, free to start, and integrates with everything.

Our code takes under 60 seconds to put on your website. We offer a one-click, pre-made email that you can send to your tech team that contains the script. 

If you can’t believe this is real and just want a data sample, we’ll give you your first 25 records free. 

We either have or are building integrations with every major Enterprise, Mid-Market, and SMB Email Service Provider (ESP). We are integrated with Zapier and Segment. 

If we don’t have an integration you need, let us know

7. This is not our first rodeo. 

We started an ESP six years ago called Robly. We built this tool for ourselves to bridge the Identity Gap between ID tools and enrichment tools. 

Check out Robly’s reviews here.

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