Complete Guide – GetEmails vs BounceX

Complete Guide – GetEmails vs BounceX

Adam Robinson - Founder GetEmails

Adam Robinson - Founder GetEmails

November 8, 2019


The Complete Guide to GetEmails vs BounceX

This is the first question we get when talking to any Enterprise customer, so I decided to create a blog post about it.

For the best and most comprehensive results, use both BounceX and GetEmails simultaneously.

Contacts not on your list

#1: GetEmails gets you contacts who are NOT already on your list.

This is the most important difference between the two. And yes, it’s legal to email them in the USA.

BounceX’s matching technology is fantastic, but at the end of the day, you’re sending more emails to people who are already on your list.

GetEmails is a source of new, fresh leads using Email-Based Retargeting

It’s legal, and CAN-SPAM and CCPA compliant. 

Click here for more info on how and why. 

Postal records

#2: GetEmails also gives you postal records. You can trigger automated postcards from website visits.

BounceX isn’t going to give you postal records. 

This is a major difference. 

Direct mail is a substantially less crowded channel than it used to be, and we can pass you hyper-targeted lists of website visitors by landing page.


#3: GetEmails is affordable, and easy to get started.

Pricing starts at around 25¢ per record. 

You pay for the record once, and can market to them until the customer opts-out. 

You can get our code on your website and integrated with your ESP in under five minutes.

BounceX…not so much.

Contacts once a day

#4: GetEmails only gives you contact records once a day.

BounceX has the advantage here, as a real-time triggered-email solution. 

GetEmails sends contact records to your ESP or CRM once a day, at around 11 am EST.

We recommend you set up an automation in your ESP that nurtures and builds trust with these website visitors, and gently nudges them down your marketing funnel. 

It’s different than mailing someone on your list.

GetEmails is self serve

#5: GetEmails is self-serve.

BounceX is a full-service marketing agency. They’re going to design and execute all of the campaigns for you.

GetEmails is a lightweight SaaS application that identifies people on your website, then sends the contact records to your ESP, CRM, or Direct Mail automation system for you to do the marketing.

CAN-SPAM compliant

#6: GetEmails is CAN-SPAM compliant, but NOT GDPR compliant (but our database of contact records is only from the US)

The second most frequently-asked question we get is, “Is this legal?”

The answer is yes. Click through to our legal section. GetEmails is US CAN-SPAM and CCPA compliant, but it’s not GDPR compliant.

BounceX is.

In Summary

GetEmails gets you contacts who are NOT already on your list. BounceX sends more emails to people you’ve already been emailing. 

GetEmails broadens your audience by sending you opted-in contact information of people that visited your website. With postal records. 

Questions? Let me know: adam[at]


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