Why we designed our freemium plan this way

Why we designed our freemium plan this way

Adam Robinson - Founder GetEmails

Adam Robinson - Founder GetEmails

July 7, 2020


Our Freemium Plan

  1. 500 contacts per month, forever, no credit card required
  2. Your first 14 days are a full-featured, 100% free trial – we want you to see the full value of GetEmails, with the Email and Shopify integrations, and Real-Time Data
  3. After 14-days, you can either choose to continue with the full featured product on a paid plan (integrations, Real-Time Data), or you can choose the freemium plan
  4. The freemium plan will email you a .csv of your contacts once per day … Or you can log in and download them. You will then have to upload them into your email app.

… but WHY???

Our relationships with the Email Marketing applications are the most valuable thing to us.

The only time ANY complaint problems happen are when people WAIT to send to the data.

(This is why we push INCREDIBLY hard to set up an automation/autoresponder to go out immediately when you get the data).

Our biggest fear is that someone who isn’t serious about the product connects it to their ESP, slowly racks up contacts for many months, then sends to this “list” which they don’t even realize they have, get tons of complaints because it’s stail, and it causes all sorts of problems for them and us.

Please let me know your feelings about this. We are open to feedback – adam@getemails.com.


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